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Branding + Bio
Creative Entrepreneurs



You want potential clients to come to your website and experience a thoughtful and deeply resonating brand.

You know that your Bio is a key ingredient to your website and a powerful way to make an excellent first impression.

But writing about yourself is weird and hard.


Distilling your work into sentences is daunting.


Do you talk in the first person? Third person?


How do you explain who you are without all the rambling? 


I can help.

It's been a wild few years. 

You and your business have changed and you need to get clear on where you are now and where you want to go.

How would it feel to clarify your branding so that your business can

shine and serve with power and purpose?


How would it feel to have a writer swoop in and write a Bio for your website

that speaks directly to the people you wish to reach?

Like a breath of fresh air?

Like a foundational piece of your puzzle?

Like words working for you as you sleep?

My Branding + Bio Package is here for you!

With this package, we get very clear on the branding for your business through a workbook of questions I have created

+ 1 hour of coaching to work through your answers.


You talk, I listen and then I write Your Bio from the clarity we have received. 

Branding + Bio= Done


Clarity in business is essential.


Concise and powerful language is rare.


Cutting through the nonsense and the noise is a work of art.


I want you to be really proud of the Brand + Bio you are putting out into the world.


I want the words you choose to help you meet the people that matter most to the life of your business.

Because the truth is, people do business with people they like and trust and

your Branding+ Bio has the power to set you apart from the rest.


Investment: $650

Turn Around: 1 Day





~Branding questions to make your Bio authentically YOU~

~A 1-hour coaching call with me to work through the questions and to get clear on your brand~

~A pdf with all your new branding elements written out to set you up for future success~

~A new beautiful Bio for your website~ 

Are you interested in the Branding + Bio Package? Click HERE to set up a 20-minute call with me to learn more.


I love working with creative entrepreneurs.

You have a big beautiful heart, a sharp mind, and a strong desire to do amazing work in our world. I share this desire and I believe that words are a crucial ingredient to reaching the people you wish to serve the most. I would love to help you describe your work in a powerful and concise way so that when people visit your website they feel inspired and ready to do business with you.

Happy Clients!

"Jeannette is a magician with words! She has a way of listening, deciphering thoughts and ideas, and then creating sentences to help you bring your very best forward. She is understanding, patient and a true professional from contact to completion. I've worked with her on two projects and I will be back for more in the future. If you are considering revamping the way your website writing represents you, look no further and contact Jeannette!" 

-Jashim Jalal


" I LOVE the writing you did for me! I am totally blown away! It's so much more than what I expected. I am so happy and I cannot wait to get this up on my website. Thank you SO much!

-Andrea Brandt


"This is perfect!!! Thank you
soooo much. You have been absolutely wonderful to work with and I cannot wait to finally get my website updated."

-Monica Roberts


"This is so good. Thank you so much. It was all just gibberish before. Your services are just amazing."

-Jamie Schneider


"Thank you so very much! You did a fantastic job of crawling into my brain and writing to my clients. I just love what you have created!"

-Katie Van Buren

Are you interested in the Branding + Bio Package? Click HERE to set up a 20-minute call with me to learn more.




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