Website Copy for
Creative Entrepreneurs


You want your website to make an impact and inspire. You want it to speak to your potential clients in a voice that they can hear. Yet, writing about yourself and what you offer can seem overwhelming. Distilling your work into sentences may seem daunting. Still, you need resonating words to compliment your beautiful work.


I've got you.



Let's get the writing on your website into tip-top shape!

Each of the services below comes with a phone call with me before we get started so that I can help you clear the fog in your mind and decide which pages on your website need the most help. Let's chat!



Your Beautiful Bio

You know that the bio on your website is an incredible way to make an excellent first impression.

You know you need a bio that explains who you are what you do in a way that makes your ideal clients ready to choose YOU to do business with.


But writing about yourself is weird and hard.

How do you explain who you are without all the rambling?

Do you talk in the first person? Third person? Who are you even?

How do you write your bio so that you are true to yourself AND your ideal clients LOVE you?


I can help.  


I want you to be really proud of the bio you are putting out into the world. I want you and your business to cut through all of the nonsense and noise.

I want your bio to help you meet the people that matter most to the life of your business.


Let’s do this!



Bio Investment: $450

Turn Around: 3 days




  • 3 different bio templates to choose from

  • Branding questions to make your bio authentically YOU

  • A telephone call to work through the questions

  • A brand new beautiful bio for your website and a smaller bio for all social media channels.

  • 1 round of edits

  • 3-day turnaround





You have some writing on your website but you’re not sure if it’s good.

Are you making sense?

Are you losing people?

Confusing them?


Most importantly, are you connecting with your ideal clients?


These are tough questions and you need someone to come in and give you some advice about what’s working and what’s not working.


You need help to make your online home clear and compelling so that it is always working for you and making your business shine.


I can help.


With Revamp, I don’t start from scratch, rather I take what you have and I find your weak spots. Then I polish it up, clarifying and rewriting, suggesting and guiding. I make sure that what you have is enhanced in a way that truly reaches the heart of your ideal client. No rambling. No confusion. No second guessing. Then I send you out into the online world feeling good about your virtual home.

Deliverables & value

  1. I read through all your content

  2. You answer essential branding questions

  3. I compare the two and see where your gaps are

  4. I send you a pdf with suggested edits

  5. We have a phone call

  6. You make your edits and feel confident about life



Brand Story & Website Copy Package tailor-made for you!


$500 Deposit


Your Online Home+Your Ideal Client = Synergy

Your Ideal Client+Your Online Home. Let’s get cozy!

Writing That Goes Straight to the Heart of Your Ideal Client


You’re amazing at what you do and you take your work seriously.  

You’ve put your heart and soul into your business and want to be able to connect with your ideal clients in a way that inspires connection and trust.


But when it comes to the writing on your website are you drowning in ideas and words?


Not sure how to get your point across? Feeling overwhelmed and frustrated?


I’ve got you.


The truth is, your website is not about you. Just like when you give a dinner party and invite people into your actual home you don’t cook all the food and then eat it yourself. You serve your people and make them feel nice and cozy. It’s the same with your virtual home.  Let’s invite them in and make them want to stay and come back for more.

With this package, I will make sure your virtual storefront is cohesive, compelling, and ready to connect you with your ideal client.

No typos, no grammar mistakes, no rambling, just words that go straight to the heart.


Deliverables & Value


  1. A questionnaire to get your branding clear and compelling

  2. A telephone call to work through the questions

  3. 3 different bios to choose from


  1. One round of edits

  2. A complete rewrite of website copy up to 6 pages

  3. A PDF with some tailor-made suggestions for you (or maybe underpromise and overdeliver)

I love working with creative entrepreneurs. You have a big beautiful heart, a sharp mind, and a strong desire to do amazing work in our world. I share this desire and I believe that words are a crucial ingredient to reaching the people you wish to serve the most. I would love to help you describe your work in an inspiring and concise way so that when people visit your website their choice to hire you is an easy one.



Happy Clients!


"Jeannette is a magician with words! She has a way of listening, deciphering thoughts and ideas, and then creating sentences to help you bring your very best forward. She is understanding, patient and a true professional from contact to completion. I've worked with her on two projects and I will be back for more in the future. If you are considering revamping the way your website writing represents you, look no further and contact Jeannette!" 

-Jashim Jalal


" I LOVE the writing you did for me! I am totally blown away! It's so much more than what I expected. I am so happy and I cannot wait to get this up on my website. Thank you SO much!

-Andrea Brandt


"This is perfect!!! Thank you
soooo much. You have been absolutely wonderful to work with and I cannot wait to finally get my bio updated."

-Monica Roberts


"This is so good. Thank you so much. It was all just gibberish before. Your services are just amazing."

-Jamie Schneider


"Thank you so very much! You did a fantastic job of crawling into my brain and writing to my clients. I just love what you have created!"

-Katie Van Buren




Would you like help with something not shown here? Maybe some blog posts, newsletters, or a book?

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