Legacy Books

 You know all those photographs you have stuffed in a box and hidden in the garage?

It's time to bring them out.


How about the stories you have gathered and the lessons you have learned throughout your life?

It's time to write them down for future generations to read and learn from.



Your life stories are far too valuable to be left untold. 



Oftentimes people think that their lives are insignificant. That they have nothing to teach through the years they have spent living because it has been "ordinary."


I disagree.


Want to be brought to tears? Listen to an "ordinary" woman talk about her children.


Want to be humbled by the human spirit? Listen to an "ordinary" man talk about how he survived war.


Want to be really inspired? Sift through a book filled with a woman's favorite recipes and learn what was going on in her life as she was cooking these meals.


The most universal human themes are the most poignant, resonating, and important. Themes like family, self-knowledge, work, resilience, and love. These stories never, ever get old.



When you work with me to create your personal history book, we have a lot of fun. I offer you tools and inspiration to recall the most important stories of your life and then we thread those stories into a beautiful book to keep in your family for generations. When you go through this process of writing about your life with a guide, the experience is not daunting and overwhelming but rather deeply nourishing and enjoyable. It may just be one of the most meaningful things you ever do.



Benefits to you:


  • You will have a caring guide to help you bring your stories to life. I have not only helped other people write about their lives but I have been writing about my own life for, oh about, 25 years. I know what it takes and I know firsthand just how purposeful and healing the experience is.

  • I provide prompts and questions to elicit story and to help you remember what is most important to record.

  • I write and narrate your story to provide flow within the manuscript.

  • I edit and proofread the story.

  • I design the raw material into a beautiful coffee table book.

  • You will have a book that can be passed down through generations and forge deeper connections within a family.

  • You will be able to share your wisdom and your story in a beautiful and meaningful way.




  • I ask you to write out 10-12 important life themes, events or memories.

  • We have 5 telephone or Skype storytelling sessions. Together we dive into your important life themes.

  • I take our interviews, transcribe them and craft them into your story. I share these stories with you to assure accuracy.

  • After the writing is complete, your memoir will be bound in a beautiful hardcover book that you can share with your family and friends.




  • Your investment in a personal history reflects the scope of work and the many variables that go into creating your book. Smaller personal history books (between 20 and 30 pages) begin at $1500. A full life history can be priced anywhere between $4,500-$6,000 and beyond, depending on the project. Your investment includes interviewing, transcribing, editing, revising, writing, printing, binding and shipping. A personal history project can be crafted to fit your budget, the price typically reflecting the number and length of interviews and the services needed to convert those interviews into the type of product you want. Payment plans are available. Often a personal history is commissioned as a gift - for a holiday, special birthday, anniversary, or milestone event. Family members may choose to share the cost, making the project an affordable investment for everyone, from which all can benefit.




To see samples go here.



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I am truly amazed by the human experience and my dedication to writing is born out of this appreciation. 


I write to help people remember, to help them understand, to help them share what they have learned and to keep their stories alive and well in the hands of their loved ones. 


When you choose to write about your life, not only does it help you gain perspective, but when a life story is written down, honored and shared, it has the ability to create deeper connections within a family. 


Are you ready to create the most important family heirloom ever? Set up a consultation call here.

Anne Encinias, my mother, circa 1968