Good Work

Molly calls me from the other room.

Come see what he has done!

Come see what he has made of me!


Alarmed, I run

What? I ask


I see knees and elbows

legs beautiful and bare

a face, made of milk and bone

a night of dark hair

a belly of ghost babies

howling eyes.


I already know all this

I say.

What do you want me to see?


She opens her hands

I forgot the hands.



when he have held something


than anything

we will always hold it

even when it is gone.


Then, we will look in other people’s eyes

the people who love us the most

to show us where it is

when it is no longer there.


The baby isn’t there, I tell her

as I cup her hands in my own.


Come, let’s head to the garden.

We’ll pull out every weed.

We’ll howl at the sky

and pour water on everything

that is still alive.



There is good work still to do.