My body is changing.

I lay in bed

with other changing bodies.


My dog's arms have circled and buckled

tightly into her breast

and her eyes carry a blue fog

swept in over the years across her iris.


There is a man here as we sleep

and he is aging too.

His beautiful hands

thick with the day

and all he chooses to carry

toward the bounty of our lives.


I sleep by the window

breasts falling

body thickening.

I tend to take up most of the bed

and after all these years I am still

unabashed about that.


We have side tables with books.

We have our own lamps and dreams.

There is water should we need it.

There is a luxury of comforters and pillows.


When the dog stirs suddenly in the night

it's the man who wakes and worries.

He reaches for her small body, tenderly

and takes her out into the yard.


I wake only when they return

and reposition my body

to curl around my most beloved bodies.


While all along

there is a moon melting us

closer to sky

illuminating our love

our deep, nourishing sleep

whispering: these are the moments

these are the nights

your heart will return to

again and again.