Your Life Stories Are Far Too Valuable To Be Left Untold

You know all those photographs you have stuffed in a box and hidden in the garage?  
It's time to bring them out.


How about the stories you have gathered and the lessons you have learned throughout your life? 

It's time to write them down for future generations.


Your life stories are far too valuable to be left untold. I am here to make sure that doesn't happen!
Instead of keeping your family history hidden inside a box or a heart, I urge you to bring it to light and let me help you create a beautiful, custom-made personal history to keep in your family for generations.


Not only does a personal history serve the individual to gain perspective about their own life, but when a life story is written down, shared, and honored it has the ability to create deeper connections within a family.


You may never know whose life you will change.



Many people think that their lives are insignificant, that they have nothing to teach through the years they've spent living because it has been "ordinary."


I disagree.


Want to be brought to tears? Listen to an "ordinary" woman talk about her children.


Want to be humbled by the human spirit? Listen to an "ordinary" man talk about how he survived war.


Want to be really inspired? Sift through a hand bound book filled with a woman's favorite recipes and learn what was going on in her life as she was cooking those meals.


The most universal human themes are the most poignant, resonating, and important. Themes like family, self-knowledge, work, resilience, and love. These stories never, ever get old.










I am truly amazed by the human experience and my dedication to writing is born out of this appreciation.


I write to help people remember, to help them understand, to help them share what they have learned and to keep their stories alive and well in the hands of their loved ones.


Inside of every life there are valuable lessons to be passed down through generations and there are family members longing to know from where they came.


Sharing our stories in the form of a personal history can be one of the most meaningful experiences a person can have.


Which stories in your life need to be told before they are lost?

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Here's How It Works

Are you ready to create the most important family heirloom ever?

1. I ask you to write out 10-12 important life themes, events or memories.


2. We have 5 telephone, Skype, or in person story telling sessions. Together we dive into your important life themes. 


3. I take our interviews, transcribe them and craft them into your story. I share these stories with you to assure accuracy. 


4. You send me 10 photographs and I place them throughout your memoir. I may also ask you for your favorite recipes, lists, or anything else we come across that must be preserved. 


5. After the writing is complete and all the gems are gathered, I design and print your book! 





You will receive an exquisite and personalized memoir complete with family photographs, a unique book cover, and a crafted personal history of your life to share with family and friends. I prepare this for you in a pdf format so you can email your memoir to anyone you wish AND you will receive one hardbound coffee table book delivered straight to your doorstep!


This is my signature offering and there are other options of preserving your personal history! I also provide an audio offering so you can have your loved one's voice preserved. Please email me if you have any question. I would be happy to answer them. 



You receive...