Follow Your Curiosity

This year I have had the pleasure of hanging out with women far older than I am. These women are in their sixties and seventies, living full and rich lives that I admire. There is Penelope who once was a nun, then lived in an ashram, took up playing the drums and now has a travel/food/spirituality blog. There is Sharon, a woman whose memoir I have had the privilege of working on this summer. Every August Sharon and eight of her girlfriends board a 42' boat called The Mermaid and for ten days they take to the sea and cook for each other, tell stories, play the ukulele and sing. Then there is my mom who has developed a fierce yoga practice in her sixties and has a luminous devotion to it. She wakes up planning which classes she will take and where and both the inner and the outer landscape of her life have been completely transformed by this. While each of these women have many wonderful qualities, the one that inspires me the most is their curiosity. In their sixth and seventh decades, they have not stopped wondering about life and all its intricacies. Quite the contrary. If something peaks their interest, they follow it. If someone has something to teach them, they listen. These women ask questions, step out of their comfort zone, challenge themselves, show up and are rewarded with lives that have texture, grit and grace. I love talking to these women because they inspire me to always stay curious and to continually develop my talents and explore our world with an open mind and heart. In what ways have you stayed curious? What new experiences do you want to have at this point in your life?