A Love Letter

Karissa and I worked together when she was pregnant with her first child. We wrote a book documenting all that she wanted her son to know as he made his way in this world. Karissa is insightful, intelligent, and funny. All of these attributes are woven through her beautiful book. The excerpt below is just one of the many insights she shares with her son.

"I want you to know that it is important to do things that make you feel passionate and joyful and that bring energy to your life. This is far more important than pleasing other people, which, if you are anything like your mama, pleasing other people may be your tendency. Rather than focusing on making other people happy, focus on activities and things that make you feel alive and joyful because that passion and zest for life is what will draw wonderful people and opportunities to you."

-Karissa Macias

Carpe Diem, Little One