When You Come Back

Did you lose your mind?

I’ll wait until you find it.


Sometimes it takes seasons-

usually two.


I know this sounds like a very long time

but you’ll still get things done

just slower.

Even bathing may sometimes feel



I know.

Just remember

you’re only laying down

in warm water

and so much of you is made of water

so let it feel like home.


Go easy.

Be soft.

Be kind.


This world talks a lot of shit, it's true.

Threatens that it will stop spinning

when you stop planning, scheming, worrying.

But it may be the opposite, you see.

The more still you can be

the easier it is to recognize


The more you can see  

the breath of trees with

petals blushed and blossoming.

The petite salt

of morning meals.

Wood beneath your feet.

Soft cloth on your skin.

The sun and it’s silent, steady work






The more you can feel

his hand

on the wing of your back

and the curl of your spine

through lovemaking


legs circling

the loss of control.


Let yourself lose control-



These are the most important things now.


Remember what it feels like to be alive

so that you do not die.


I know the laundry needs to be done.

I know the babies must be fed.


The laundry always gets done.

The babies will always be fed.


But you. You.

Take your time.


We will be here when you get back

all cotton and lunch boxes and music.

Walking your babies to school.

Circling you in our arms


We knew you’d find

your way.


Brushing your bangs away

from your brave blue eyes.