"Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light."

                  -Vera Nazarian

You have a mission, a passion, a calling and you want more people to know, learn, and benefit from it.


You’ve been intending to write a book for some time now but are unsure of how to approach such a beautiful, intimidating, momentous endeavor.


After all, a book carries weight, has the ability to educate and inspire, can be quoted!


It's a brave thing to commit to writing a book and you have a strong desire to do it, but sometimes a great idea has such a rough time translating into words, paragraphs, and pages. 


I can help.


Writing a book is a pretty big deal and it takes talent, discipline, and skill. Writing a book on your own can drive even the sanest of people into complete overwhelm! Guidance is essential. 


If you've always wanted to write a book but only have scribbles of ideas, half chapters, and vague titles, I am here to take all of that from you, organize it and make it into the book you've always dreamed about.


My clients have gone on to be Amazon bestselling authors, received book deals, and have had the opportunity to change lives with their clear and compelling messages.


But they all had to begin, devote, and follow through. I'm here to help you do just that! When you work with me you can expect a constructive and integrative space to tell your story and share your knowledge. If you meet me halfway, we will finish your book. I am alllllll about getting the work done.



You will know you are ready to write a book if you have a strong belief in your message and you are devoted to your project.





  • The first step is to set up a consultation call so that I can better understand your unique project. You may need a book writing coach to keep you accountable as you embark on your dream of finally taking that book from your mind and getting it down on paper. You may need a developmental editor to broaden and strengthen your ideas and the structure of your manuscript. Or, you may need a talented ghostwriter to take all of your rough ideas, your research, your life's work and weave them into an engaging book that will educate and inspire your audience.

  • Once I understand your project I will send you a quote and if it's a go, we both do a happy dance because writing a book is a big deal!

  • I whip up a contract, complete with milestones that we both sign.

  • I send you instructions to write an outline that we will refer to throughout the project.

  • The writing begins!




  • Each individual project is different and once we chat on the phone about your project, I will be able to make a quote. 


I believe that the experience of writing a book does not need to be overwhelming or stressful. Yes, you will work hard but in that work, you can find incredible meaning. When our work together is complete, the weight of a book has the power to propel you, your work, and your life forward in many exciting ways. 



To set up a consultation call please email me at jeannette@jeannetteencinias.com