My work is about connection: real and meaningful connection.

I express this work by helping individuals and businesses tell stories that go straight to the heart.


I believe that true connection to ourselves and each other heals our pain, strengthens our world, and is an essential ingredient to the quality of our lives. 

I believe that the most difficult times in our lives are important teachers that often give way to light and a new way of being, messy as it is.


I believe in the resiliency of the human spirit, in the transformative power of love, and that every day is an opportunity to begin again.

Other things to know...


I earned a degree in English Literature with a minor in Creative Writing. This means I learned how to write, rewrite, sculpt, polish, critique, and edit for four years while drinking a lot of coffee.

I am passionate about helping women write about their lives so that they may find healing and be empowered by their own fierce and gorgeous words.


I have been published in places like Mindbodygreen, Annapurna Living, The Bitter Oleander Press, and Sivana Spirit. My poetry has been featured in books, plays, one-woman shows, and an opera! I am a poet first and foremost.

I love to listen to music, I love to travel, and I love to walk. When I can do all three at the same time, I feel most like myself.

When I am not helping people write about their lives and businesses...


you can find me arranging flowers, reading Mary Oliver, listening to Leonard Cohen, writing poetry, eating an avocado, learning something, watching Trev cook, making things with paper, or staring into the stormy ocean of the wild Oregon coast.




I feel incredibly grateful to be alive. You too?

Let's get some writing done!