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My work is about connection. Real and meaningful connection.

I express this work by helping individuals and businesses tell stories that go straight to the heart. 


I believe that true connection to ourselves and each other heals our pain, strengthens our world, and is an essential ingredient to the quality of our lives. 

I believe that the most difficult times in our lives are important teachers that often give way to light and a new way of being, messy as it is.

I believe in the fortitude of the human spirit, in the transformative power of love, and that every day is an opportunity to begin again.

Other things to know...


I earned a degree in English Literature with a minor in Creative Writing. This means I learned how to write, rewrite, sculpt, polish, critique, and edit for four years while drinking a lot of coffee.

I am terrible at small talk. So awkward! I am always thinking about the larger questions about life and so that's what I like to talk about. Also, passion. If you are passionate about something, even if I am not passionate about that particular thing, I still love to hear about it. Passion is important.

I am a published author and my work has also been seen in places like Mindbodygreen, Annapurna Living, and For Women Who Roar. My poetry has been featured in books, plays, one-woman shows, and an opera! You can find my new collection of poetry Queen Owl Wings on Amazon and soon in stores sprinkled around the world.

I love to listen to music, I love to travel, and I love to walk. When I can do all three at the same time, I feel most like myself.

When I am not writing you can find me...


arranging flowers, tending to plants, listening to Leonard Cohen, talking to my dog, eating an avocado, taking a bath, learning something, watching Trev cook, thinking about the world, walking up a hill, making things with paper, or staring into the stormy ocean of the wild Oregon coast.


I feel incredibly grateful to be alive. You too?


Let's connect!


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