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be gentle


You don’t need to fit into any particular mold or stand beside any kind of trend. You are far too unique for that sort of thing. Your face, your hands, and your heart are perfect as they are, naturally. 

The world will tell you differently, I assure you. Do not listen. The world does not know you. You must introduce yourself to the world. 


It is a miracle to grow. To have the opportunity to press through the earth of childhood and into the person that continues unfurling their wings. What a brave and glorious potion you are. All those memories in your blood. All that deep water in your eyes. Your wings catch light as you move through your days. Your shoulders, strong and soft. Your voice, a rare instrument.  


Somewhere there is a heart for your hand to lift. 

Somewhere there is an idea longing for your mind.

Somewhere there is an adventure anticipating your body.

But here, more importantly, there is a soul humbly asking for your acceptance.

It is your own.


Be kind and be gentle. Treat yourself with the common decency you do others. You are doing what you can in this strange world that works to place you in a box when your wild limbs are meant to be free. Being human is so intricate and complex. Be patient with yourself as you embody the experience. Go within, lovingly, and embrace it all: the beauty and the bruises. The mistakes and the victories. You are gathering and you are forming. Living with both joy and sorrow, difficulty and ease. Lift your eyes to see the grace in your detours, mishaps, and changes. It is all part of the mosaic that is you and you have so much to offer to the world by being exactly who you are.


An extraordinary gift. 

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