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poetry writing tips


I wrote a poem for Trev and then put a peony on it.

Poetry Writing Tips

Move the body.

Be weird (I just high-fived myself in the air in a room by myself. WHATEVER).

Get out of the house, neighborhood, state, country.

Music. Listen to it. Dance.

Swim. Bathe. Water is your friend.

Sweat. Oh yes. Poems love sweat.


Shut the door. 

Surrender to it.

Wear earplugs.

Drink coffee.

Drink wine.


Shadowbox the air.

Have an orgasm.

Cook something.

Organize something.

Hang out with a child.

Talk to an older person.

Touch something velvet or lace.

Be a passenger.

Walk. A lot.

Sleep. A lot.

Nourish yourself with other types of art.

Find someone to really admire.

Admire yourself.

Get it together. Your routine, your hygiene, your breakfast smoothie.


Ignore the yapping in your mind.

Take out the trash.

Think about your first crush.

Remember elementary school.

Figure out which pen you like the most.

Ask yourself: "Does that even matter now?”

Get off social media while you write.

Admire your hands.

Write about the difficult things.

Write about the lovely things.

Look at the ocean. 

Climb a mountain.

Hug a dog.

Think about what your grandmother might make for dinner.

Imagine what your grandfather kept in his coat pocket.

Ask yourself: "Who am I friends with in my family?"

See your 22-year-old self. What can you offer her?

Make your bed.

Don’t make your bed.

Definitely choose your battles.

Your energy is not infinite.

Your time is very precious.

Poetry is medicine.

Let it heal you.

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