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trust yourself


A page from my journal.

I’ve received a lot of advice over the years about many things. Some asked for. Some not. I bet you have too. Human beings grow and form ideas and then hand them out like flowers.

Some are very beautiful and still not for you.

You must build your own bouquet.

Our world is loud. We are all bumping into each other with various points of reference, pain, intentions, hopes, and fears.

A person will give you their opinion based on their own experience. You do not have to heed it.

An interesting, slightly awkward, and very empowering aspect of my life has been in the moments when I heard a well meaning piece of advice, took it in, checked in with myself and then said no, that is not for me. First to myself and then to the person in front me of. No, that is not for me. This can be said kindly, with love.

This takes courage. You have courage.

This takes self-awareness. You can develop that.

I have learned that we must honor our own compass to get anything done here on earth.

You do not have to take another person’s experience and apply it to your own if your soul does not resonate with it.

Do not be swayed or taken down by this world.

Turn your beautiful ears away from the noise.

Trust yourself.

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