"Sharing your writing with someone is always a bit tender; sharing your writing in the unfinished first draft stage is insanely vulnerable, but I've felt completely safe and supported from the moment I started working with Jeannette. She's taken care of my book baby with skill and compassion. She's given me honest, insightful critique and she's cheered me on when I've needed it. Her feedback has always been spot on. As a fellow editor, I'm impressed; as a writer, I'm deeply grateful for the work we did together. My book will always be the better for it." -Anna Lovind


"I had personal and precious content that I wished to be sewn into something whole and beautiful and needed help doing so. Jeannette has that magical gift of seeing the potential amongst the chaos which helped me arrange my content into a powerful and healing message. She has all the typical editorial requirements that assure you can trust your words fly off into the world in a graceful and intelligent way, but Jeannette possesses something very special about her that makes her light shine so bright. It is her compassion and understanding for the human heart and the deep twists and turns of a soul’s journey. Jeannette is a non-judgmental listening ear and a grounding and calm force amongst the storm. This is what really makes Jeannette stand out as the best partner to help orchestrate one's story into a book." -Genevieve Deely

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"Working with Jeannette has been delightful. She sets clear deadlines and always delivers on time. I couldn't have found someone more perfect to help me develop my oracle deck guidebook and prepare the marketing material to birth it to the world. Jeannette is not only poetic and grounding but she also has the ability to tune in to the spirit of your project, identify what's missing, and make the bridging pieces sound exactly like you. That's pretty magical. I will continue hiring Jeannette for my future copywriting, book coaching, and editing needs without a doubt. She is a gem." -Jenny Karlsson


"I'm not sure the words would have come through me onto paper without Jeannette's grounding, caring and insightful presence. Not only did Jeannette help me to keep going when I felt stuck, she helped me enjoy the process more than I ever thought possible!" -Michelle McCartan

"Ever dreamed of writing a best-selling book? Me too! Jeannette made that possible for me by holding my hand and guiding me from start to finish. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Jeannette on my first two books and it totally changed my business! Jeannette is helpful, friendly, and very professional. She had a lot of helpful tips and insights for me. Jeannette did a wonderful job and I recommend her without a shadow of a doubt." -Paul Walmsley



"The book Jeannette made for us is above and beyond what I was envisioning! It is absolutely beautiful. It made me cry and it made my husband cry too! I can't wait to share the book with baby Mason when he is old enough to appreciate this beautiful work. Thank you so much. I love, love, love it!"   -Karisa Dern


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"What an amazing experience I had with Jeannette as she helped me write my memoir! The process of going through my life was wonderful and taking time for reflection was precious. I am so happy I had this experience with such a caring guide. Jeannette always knew what prompts to give me and she was very perceptive in the questions she asked so as to get my story going and finished. Now I have a beautiful book for my family to have and pass on to future generations; for my friends to read so they can laugh and cry with me; and just for me to hold and reflect."  -Sharon Ziglar




"Jeannette helped me take all of my ideas and make my dream of writing a book a reality. She helped me step by step through the process by guiding me in what I needed to develop and follow through with. Her writing and editing skills are excellent and the finished product is something I am really proud of. Now more of my clients can benefit from my expertise and I couldn't have done it without Jeannette's hard work and guidance." -Dr. Karl Johnson