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Calm Sea

Summer Sessions



Do you dream of being a writer?

Have you ever thought of writing a book?

Would you like to develop the confidence to write about the stories that matter
the most to you?



My Summer Sessions are here to guide + energize you!


This summer I'm offering 1-1 hourly Summer Sessions for people not currently working with me long-term on their book writing projects but who want my guidance on writing and creativity in one powerful hour together.


Below are some topics we can chat about:  

~How to begin writing a book
~How to choose an idea for your book
~How to get the word out about your book
~Why writing a book matters and is life-changing
~How to share your work with others without feeling weird and self-conscious about it
~How to create a newsletter for people who want to read your work
~How to use social media to promote your work in a way that feels good
~How to create an outline for a book
~How to sell a book
~The difference between traditional publishing and self-publishing
~How to write with your heart instead of your head
~How to tap into your creativity and really get going with your dreams


I'm open to any other topics or questions you want to bring to the table as well.


I've been writing professionally and personally for a long time and there is a lot of confusing information out there!


These sessions help ease the confusion so you can pursue your dreams with clarity and joy.


Here's how the Summer Sessions work:

1. If you want to book a one-hour session with me I will send you the dates that are open for this summer. You send me payment through Venmo, Paypal, or personal check for however many sessions you wish to book at this time. Sessions are $150 an hour and we meet via Zoom or telephone. 

2. You bring a pen and paper to our session and we meet for an hour with your most pressing questions. We will discuss them one by one and you can take notes to refer to as you move forward with your writing.

3. I will give you the most current information I have about book writing, the landscape of publishing, sharing your work (very important!) and writing in general, sprinkled with inspiration + tips.


~Summer Sessions are $150 per session and I am booking for August~



If you are interested, simply email me at and I will get back to you with open dates.

To Your Creativity,

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