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You're a bit lost.

In an in-between space.




Maybe a little cranky.


You know that who you were before is not who you are now

and you are uncertain about who you are becoming.


You wonder what's next for you and 

you long for a sense of purpose.

Perhaps you have just retired

or left an important relationship

or have entered a new decade.


You want to live into this new chapter of your life with intention and integrity and

take back the reigns of your life.

But going solo with the big questions of life is lonely and confusing and you're too much in your own head anyway.


I get it and I've got you.


It's been a wild few years!



We have all been changed.

We have all lived through things we never thought we would live through.

We have been battered around and broken open.


Now that our lives have been turned upside down,

I believe this is a wonderful opportunity to reassess what you truly want

for yourself, for your life, and then to take the steps to make it happen.


I created REINVENTION after helping important people in my life 

rise up from the ashes of their previous lives and get results from my creative + practical guidance.

I too have had to reinvent my own life in pretty profound ways.


I understand what it takes and how difficult it can be.


Reinvention is a three-month program of Inquiry, Inspiration + Action that will result in your own unique map forward to live into the dreams you have for your life now. 


I use my skills as an empath and a coach to dive deep into the ingredients of

your life and then mirror them back to you to help you create a clear path forward from where you are now.

This path will be written down with inspired actions to take to open up the doors to a life that makes you excited to get up in the morning!

I offer email accountability after our three months of coaching to support you in following through in the days ahead. 


We will be called to reinvent several times in our lives.

This is natural and necessary to thrive.

You deserve to give yourself the time to ponder and design a life that works for you.

You really do.

To learn more, schedule a free 30-minute call with me at

P.s. Here is a poem I wrote for you.

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