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I have a story


Writing a book is a big deal.

It takes a good amount of organization, love, and creativity.

Oftentimes the process can feel overwhelming.

How do I bring all these thoughts together?

What is my message?

Who will read my words?

You may have a great idea but you're not sure how to turn it into an actual book.

Or maybe you have plenty of ideas but don't know how to clarify your thought process in order to create a powerful message that will resonate with readers.

It's frustrating to have so many wonderful stories to share but then not have the roadmap and organizational skills to really get the ball rolling.

Where do you even begin?

My clients have gone on to be Amazon best selling authors, receive book deals, and have had the opportunity to change people's lives with their clear and compelling messages.

This was made possible by one very necessary ingredient: Clarity


Ahhhh, sweet clarity. So rare and so very important.

It is essential to begin your book writing journey by first creating a solid foundation to build from with a clear intention and outline to guide you as you bring your story to life.

Without this preparation, you will get lost in the woods halfway through your

experience and often far before that and then nothing gets done at all!


I can help.


How would it feel to have a crystal clear vision for your book project before you begin?

How would it feel to brainstorm with a professional writer who can help set you up for success?

How would it feel to learn from a person who knows what it actually takes to write and publish a book?


Organization is one of my superpowers. Creativity is another. I combine the two to help you set a solid foundation so that 

when you get down to writing you feel strong, clear, and capable.

You + Me. 1 Day.

A Solid + Inspiring Outline + Strategy To Get Your Book Written!

Clarify. Connect. Create.

Here's How It Works

I send you a questionnaire to fill out before we meet so that you can tell me all your wonderful ideas for your book.

We meet via telephone for two hours and pore through your ideas. We work to find the gems and pull them out. We brainstorm and heart storm. I ask you questions, you answer; I listen and take notes. I begin to craft an outline with your ideal reader in mind because books are a conversation between an author and their reader.

~We break for 30 minutes. Nourish, stretch, jog, whatever feels good.~

We come back for 2 more creative hours. In this workshop time, we create an intention and an outline to guide you as you write your book. I will help you build bridges and make connections within your outline, and we will make sure that your message is solid and clear. We wrap up with 20 minutes of Q+A where you can ask me any questions you may have about the book-writing journey ahead.


After our day together, you will receive a beautiful workbook designed especially for you with the following: a title to your book, your intention, your tone, your ideal reader, an outline, a writer's toolbox, and a strategy to get your book written. Hooray!

Done in 1 day + 30 days of email support from me to get you going!


Investment for our day together = $1,200 USD

Does this sound helpful?

Click HERE to set up a 20-minute call with me to learn more.

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