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You have a big and beautiful project on your hands.


It's exhilarating, overwhelming, and sometimes downright exhausting.

You are having a difficult time seeing the forest through the trees. 


You need a teacher to come in, carve a path, and help you get this project done.

Let's get you out of the land of half-finished projects and into the clearing where your work can shine.

Here's How It Works:

Once you have made your first payment and before we officially begin our experience together, I offer a 1-hour conversation to get us all set up for success. In this chat, I will ask you some clarifying questions about your work so that I can best understand how to help you. Then, you will receive a follow-up email with next steps about your unique project and how we can use our time together wisely.

 Once that is all set, each month you can expect the following:

1. I create a calendar for us with due dates to keep you on track with your goals.

2. You deliver your writing to me each month and I give you feedback in the form of ideas, honest critique, love, observations, and things to remember. 

3. You receive my writing skills threaded throughout your sentences to make them stronger when called for. These will be offered as suggestions that you can choose to keep or not. A collaboration of sorts.  Also known as ghostwriting. Boo!

4. Two 1-hour workshops each month to discuss your writing, work through blocks, brainstorm, and set goals for the next session.

5. You receive email support between workshops.


$1,300 a month paid at the beginning of the month.

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