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Brand Story & Website Copy
~Done For You~

You’re amazing at what you do and you take your work seriously.


You’ve put your heart and soul into your business and want to be able to connect with your ideal clients in a way that inspires both connection and trust.


But when it comes to the writing on your website you feel overwhelmed and frustrated.


You're drowning in ideas and words.


You're not sure how to really get your point across. 


I’ve got you.


The truth is, your website is not about you.


Just like when you give a dinner party and invite people into your actual home, you don’t cook all the food and then eat it yourself.


You serve your people and make them feel nice and cozy.


It’s the same with your virtual home.  


Let’s invite people in and make them want to stay and come back for more!


With this signature package, I will make sure your virtual home is cohesive, compelling, and ready to connect you with your ideal client.


I do this by first understanding your brand, then getting to know your ideal client and connecting the two to create language that will bring you business.


No typos, no grammar mistakes, no rambling, just words that go straight to the heart.



Investment: $3,200 

Turn Around: 4 Weeks



  • A questionnaire to get your branding clear so that the writing is powerful.

  • A telephone call to work through the branding questions. This also gives me a chance to hear your voice so I can write in it.

  • 3 different bio templates to choose from for your bio!

  • A complete rewrite of website copy up to 6 pages.

  • 1 round of edits.



Happy Clients!

"Jeannette is a magician with words! She has a way of listening, deciphering thoughts and ideas, and then creating sentences to help you bring your very best forward. She is understanding, patient and a true professional from contact to completion. I've worked with her on two projects and I will be back for more in the future. If you are considering revamping the way your website writing represents you, look no further and contact Jeannette!" 

-Jashim Jalal



" I LOVE the writing you did for me! I am totally blown away! It's so much more than what I expected. I am so happy and I cannot wait to get this up on my website. Thank you SO much!

-Andrea Brandt


"This is perfect!!! Thank you 

soooo much. You have been absolutely wonderful to work with and I cannot wait to finally get my website updated."

-Monica Roberts


"This is so good. Thank you so much. It was all just gibberish before. Your services are just amazing."

-Jamie Schneider



"Thank you so very much! You did a fantastic job of crawling into my brain and writing to my clients. I just love what you have created!"

-Katie Van Buren

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