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Write Your Heart Out

You have a creative project you want to dive into but you're feeling a bit lost.

You have stories, memories, and words swimming around in your head and tugging

at your heart.

Perhaps it's a book you want to write, a series of newsletters, or an exciting new vision you want to see come to life through the written word.

You've tried to write on your own but you can't seem to find the rhythm, discipline, or time. 

You are unorganized and the dust is settling.


Why is this so hard? 


Will anyone want to read what I have to say?


How do I pull all my thoughts together to create something beautiful?


How do I share my work without feeling so


And publishing? What is THAT all about?

These are natural questions to have as you work to bring your creativity into the world.

The truth is, writing is not only an art but also a practice.

You have to show up for it before the writing starts working with you, through you.

If you have been putting off an important creative project or have no idea where to begin, I can help.


I teach people how to write from their heart.


This is not a soft and mushy thing.


It's a powerful thing.

The heart is an incredible resource.

My clients have gone on to be Amazon Best selling authors, receive book deals, and have had the opportunity to change lives with their clear and compelling messages.

But they all had to begin, follow through, and finish their great project before they saw their stories

and vision come to life. 

I am here to make sure that gets done with clarity, quality, and joy.

If you would like to align with a writing teacher and creative advisor who can help you move through resistance and show you what it takes to create meaningful work, I invite you to get in touch for a 20-minute discovery call so I can learn more about your unique project.

I know what it feels like to be stuck. I know what it feels like to break finally free. I know that gaining traction is often the most difficult part.

Action is essential and I am here to be your partner in action.

Also, there's magic and joy involved. Naturally.

Are you interested in scheduling a 20-minute chat to see if we are a good fit?

Email me at to connect.

Happy Clients!

"It's rare to find someone who can read the intention under unfinished sentences and translate meaning from a word that has not quite landed in its proper home. Jeannette is a wise and intuitive reader, a loving coach, and a presence to the words on a page. My book is heading towards publication with Jeannette’s energy and love right behind it. I’m grateful for her guidance and the light that has illuminated this very special journey." -Irma Velasquez

"I had personal and precious content that I wished to be sewn into something whole and beautiful and needed help doing so. Jeannette has that magical gift of seeing the potential amongst the chaos which helped me arrange my content into a powerful and healing message. She has all the typical editorial requirements that assure you can trust your words fly off into the world in a graceful and intelligent way, but Jeannette possesses something very special about her that makes her light shine so bright. It is her compassion and understanding for the human heart and the deep twists and turns of a soul’s journey. Jeannette is a non-judgmental listening ear and a grounding and calm force amongst the storm. This is what really makes Jeannette stand out as the best partner to help orchestrate one's story into a book." -Genevieve Deely

"Sharing your writing with someone is always a bit tender; sharing your writing in the unfinished first draft stage is insanely vulnerable, but I've felt completely safe and supported from the moment I started working with Jeannette. She's taken care of my book baby with skill and compassion. She's given me honest, insightful critique and she's cheered me on when I've needed it. Her feedback has always been spot on. As a fellow editor, I'm impressed; as a writer, I'm deeply grateful for the work we did together. My book will always be the better for it." -Anna Lovind

Are you interested in scheduling a 20-minute chat to see if we are a good fit?

Email me at to connect.

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