Are you putting off a writing project? Has it been years since you've found the focus and devotion to write what you know needs to be written? Are you living with words, ideas, a story, a poem, a life inside of you that longs to find its way out of your mind and onto paper?


I know how it is. I've been living this way since I was ten years old and first learned the power of language. I can help.


Words do not get written by themselves. The desire to write is a small part of being a writer. Action is everything and I am here to be your partner in action. 



Here is what we can work on:






chapters of a book


a series of newsletters


articles for publication


blog posts




an assignment for school


a legacy letter


a speech


a personal essay



When you work with me, we will set a deadline, get down to business and fun and you will get your project done! It's going to feel soooooo good.



Benefits to you:


  • You will have another writer to hold you accountable.

  • You will receive honest feedback. I've been workshopped and I've workshopped others for years. Fresh eyes and a new mind on your work is immensely helpful.  

  • You will receive guidance and suggestions.

  • I will give you three recommendations for places you might want to send your work should you want to get your piece published.

  • You will have love poured into your project.



This is for you if...


  • You want to stop procrastinating and get an important piece of writing done.

  • You want consistent, positive support tailored to your unique project by a professional writer.

  • You want resources and love for the journey.

  • You are committed to your project.




  • I send you a PayPal invoice which you graciously pay to reserve your time.

  • You schedule your coaching session in our shared calendar. 

  • You send me up to 10 pages of whatever writing you are working on and I start reading and thinking about it. If you don't have 10 pages yet, you send me ideas of what you want to work on and I will help you sort it out.

  • We have our scheduled workshop session to discuss your writing where I give you suggestions, feedback, and ideas.

  • After our session, you receive an email that contains notes, action steps, and a deadline.

  • You send me your work on our set deadline. Together we polish it up to make it the absolute best piece of work it can be. Then I send you out into the world feeling super accomplished because beating procrastination is a BIG DEAL.




  • Up to 10 pages of your words reviewed with feedback + action steps + 1-hour telephone or Skype session to workshop= $300


Writing is not for the faint of heart and commitment is necessary. I will meet you halfway and together we WILL get your project done. 




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Words are powerful. The words turning around in your mind and heart are there for a reason. We have this one life. Let's live it well and write it all out. You never know where your words will land, how they will heal, or whose life they will change. Other people, yourself, the world. The possibilities are truly endless. 



I would love to hear about your project. Tell me all about it here.